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Dr. Asif Baig Khan has worn numerous hats over his 20-year career. He has donned the hat of a wellness chef, a fitness trainer, an integrated medical expert, a spa consultant and a research scientist in food and nutrition.

His journey into Bio Transforming Life began after a profoundly personal experience. While employed as a spa consultant and an hotelier, he spent a decade ignoring his body and health. This resulted in a rude awakening to a body that was obese and a mind that was disturbed. However, instead of buckling under the enormous weight of his unhealthy lifestyle, he decided to walk down the challenging yet transformational path of personal change. In three months, he successfully reconstructed his damaged body through conscientious exercise, relaxation therapy and a balanced sports-nutrition-meal plan; emerging stronger, wiser and healthier.

This led Dr. Asif to design Bio Transforming Life; a brand that helps him coach, guide and help others reconstruct their damaged bodies. He kick started the Fitness Transformation Program at the Goa Marriott, running it successfully for three years, before bringing it to the JW Marriott in Mumbai.

The program is aimed to heal clinical ailments and restore optimal use of one's body. Dr. Asif conducts intensive medical tests before designing a fitness regime for his clients. His approach is to train and guide his clients individually, along with a specialized menu tailored to accelerate their journey to fitness and health. What makes this program unique is Dr. Asifs keen understanding of the body and mind. Having experienced the battle of body and mind himself, his greatest source of fulfilment is when he is able to guide his clients through this emotional and physical experience. He navigates clients fighting diabetes, blood pressure, cardio-vascular disorders and a host of other clinical ailments to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

An intensive wellness regime complimented by a doctor who cares, believes and practices it makes this offering ideal for anyone looking to achieve not only a healthy body, but also a healthier lifestyle.
This is a holistic fitness programme which combines the best balance of both diet and workout. Asif is fully clued on to his clients’ requirements and accordingly charts out the routine. He is very thorough and his immense involvement makes all the difference. I was suffering from severe back problems and after a few days of his programme, I found my core much stronger and now I can even work out with heavy weights. He tracks and monitors the performance of his clients on a daily basis and is always proactive and ready with an alternative if required. I strongly recommend this programme to all who are health conscious, be it weight loss or just strength training or overall fitness because no one can train you better than him. I vouch for this....all the best Asif!
Swernalakha Gupta
Celebrity Make-up artist

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