This is a holistic fitness programme which combines the best balance of both diet and workout. Asif is fully clued on to his clients’ requirements and accordingly charts out the routine. He is very thorough and his immense involvement makes all the difference. I was suffering from severe back problems and after a few days of his programme, I found my core much stronger and now I can even work out with heavy weights. He tracks and monitors the performance of his clients on a daily basis and is always proactive and ready with an alternative if required. I strongly recommend this programme to all who are health conscious, be it weight loss or just strength training or overall fitness because no one can train you better than him. I vouch for this....all the best Asif!
Swernalakha Gupta
Celebrity Make-up artist
I found the fitness program to be highly intensive and focussed. The diet plan was prepared to suit the individual needs after a deep analysis was done by you of the numerous blood tests reports.
The daily massage was eagerly looked forward to and provided much relief to sore muscles.
Dr. Asif Khan is a well qualified nutritionist and physical fitness trainer. His pleasant and friendly disposition is one that make you feel comfortable straight away. His passion is cooking and eating healthy food and has an in-depth knowledge of the ingredients to be used. Being an individualbased program, a lot of his personal time and attention is given one on one which I felt was important in achieving the desired results. Talking with him during meals allows for enriching one's knowledge on healthy and disciplined eating habits.
The first time I went for 14 days and the results were amazing, having lost more weight and inches than I expected and most importantly, feeling healthy. The second time I went for 10 days and although I could not achieve the same results, I definitely came back with the same healthy feeling as the first time.
I would strongly recommend the fitness program, which is so ably conducted by Dr. Asif Khan
Homi A. Katgara
Partner, Mumbai
Dear Asif,
I had the privilege of attending your fitness program for 1 month in the month of August. It was truly an eye opener for me. I trusted you completely and you never failed in the trust I put on you.
I have reduced my diabetic medication and am extremely happy the way it turned out.
The dedication you give to your job is exemplary and goes beyond the ordinary. Your personal touch goes beyond the call of duty. I particularly liked the way you pushed me even beyond my capabilities by managing my health issues and still showing startling results.
Your knowledge of food and nutrition is immense. Making me eat the right food was the key to the success.
I wish I had many Executives like you who would be completely loyal and dedicated.
I will do the program very soon again and will not mind bunking office to do it as Health is Wealth. I feel very healthy now and ready to take on the world.
I am also going to get my family members enlisted soon in your fitness program.
All the best to you and hope lots of successful people who don't know what they are missing join and take real advantage of your program at Marriott.
Kishore Musale
Chairman, Astarc Group
Before I started the program, I was skeptical towards, because I tried a lot of things to loose weight and become fit. Nothing helped over a long period.
So, I started the first day at 6:00 am with a fresh made natural Proteinshake and following went for a beach walk. 10km a long way - but it was so nice, every time with a breeze of fresh air, attended by a trainer from the gym.
For breakfast I got a delicate omlette with bacon (!) on side. In the midmorning again a cardio session on the treadmill and one hour weight training.
For lunch I got always freshly made food. In the late afternoon I did a cardio session on the cross trainer and weight-training.
For diner I had soup, salad and fish or prawns. I didn´t feel hungry during the day.
I attended for 30 days on the program. In this time I lost nearly 10kg weight and became very fit, my shoulder problems were removed.
At home I continue the program for and lost in two months four kg more.
Thank you:
Thank you so much.

  • for every support during the sessions
  • for the preparation of the good tasting and healthy food.
  • or a lot of recipes
  • for explanations above the training and healthy food
I learned so much, it was a great experience with a considerable success for me.
Thank you so much
Andrea Bruckhoff

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