Jeunesse is an international product from United States, ( the Bio-Scientist from Jaunesse have develop a product which restore the damage cell and in return damage DNA. How does the human body goes through 'AGING' there is only 3 ways because of which our body Degradates (means breaking down and aging).


Contains the only known patented Nutrient shown to lengthen short Telomeres...

The CAP-e Test Results

The purpose is to determine if antioxidants are capable of entering into...


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Why do sliced apples turn brown when you leave them out? Or iron rust?

Oxygen steals electrons from atoms and compounds which are present in our cell and DNA. The oxidized form of these compounds is different from the unoxidized form that is unfortunately unappealing to eat. On the food tangent, many 'superfood' are advertised as containing antioxidants. RESERVE is the product from Jaunesse which contain a very high quality of Antioxidant which improve the conditioning of cell and dna in return Anti-Aging.


It is a process when 'SUGAR' entire our body. Like many of you who have gone through my program or whom I know personally know very well that I don’t allow a single molecule of sugar ( glucose, fructose, galactose) going inside our body, because genetically or non-genetically sugar is not processed inside human body. Where it goes straight to fat cell, in return Obesity, Metabolic disease etc.

Long-lived cells (such as nerves and different types of brain cell), long-lasting proteins (such as our individual sexual hormone), and DNA may accumulate substantial damage over time. Cells such as the retina cells in the eyes, and beta-cells (insulin-producing) in the pancreas are also at high risk of damage. Damage by glycation results in stiffening of the collagen in the blood vessel walls, leading to high blood pressure, especially in diabetes. Glycations also cause weakening of the collagen in the blood vessel walls], which may lead to micro- or macro-aneurisms; this may cause strokes if in the brain.

FINITI is the product which repairs our DNA in return stimulate our androgenic hormone in return lose body weight and burn fat.


Inflammation means anything which is inflamed from inside for example, Arteries, veins, cartilage, joints, and the most inflamed part in our body is intestine. Have we ever thought about why our intestine or stomach area is so tight and sometime huge?

Close your eyes and think what goes inside your mouth. I’ll tell you.

  • Wheat
  • Refined flour
  • Sugar
  • Grains
  • Dairy

This kind of complex carbohydrate goes in stick in our inner line of intestine because of this it get inflamed in return our intestine could not absorbed the healthy nutrients even if you are taking. Because of this we have lack of energy by mid-day and by day end we are tried and exhaust.

AM/PM is the products from Jaunesse which removed the inflammation from our body and help our body restore the energy level back.

Please note all the above information which I have given will he only beneficial if you change your lifestyle and health then definitely you can see difference in 12 weeks of time.

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