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Being obese is one of the most significant health risks we face. Sadly, there is no magic solution for obesity. The good news is that being overweight is completely reversible. At our workshop, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy life style and we also realize how hard it can be to achieve that goal. This is why education plays an essential role in our approach to helping you to achieve your ideal weight.

Our residential program helps you to increase your activity to the optimal level and monitor your dietary patterns to help you burn excess body fat in a healthy and naturally sustainable way. Each service is tailored to your particular ability & lifestyle and complemented with our extensive facilities and activates.

Achieving your ideal weight may take longer than your stay with us, but you will leave with a clear idea of the road ahead. Along the way you will realize benefits such as a noticeable increase in energy, improved resistances to diseases, and a reduction in many symptoms of ill health.

This program is mainly focused on the FOUR pillars - sports nutrition diet, physical activity, SNNT (Specific-Nutrient-Nourishment-Timing) and belief. However, to maximize the benefits of your time with us, our integrative approach offers additional services to improve your overall health and lifestyle.
Program Duration : 30 Days

Expected Result : A focussed program that concentrates on intensive residential therapy aimed at Anti- Ageing, Body reshaping, and Dramatic Fat Loss.
This program systematically nurtures you through a 30 days physical and emotional overhaul, accelerating self-belief to a point you never thought possible. The program ultimately results in dramatic FAT LOSS whilst sculpting and toning your body beyond recognition. The cornerstone of the program is the diet perfectly balanced with revolutionary exercise methodologies; all combined synergistically with stress-free rest, education and relaxation therapies and supplementation which repaire your DNA from cellular level.

The fat drips off, your LBM (LEAN BODY MASS) builds at spectacular speed and you will lose a decade in age appearance within 30 days.

Resident programme includes:
  • Personalized consultation with a Program Director & CEO.
  • Specially design Sports Nutrition Cuisine meals keeping in mind all the Micronutrients & Macronutrients.
  • Signature spa treatments ( on request)
  • Rejuvenation
  • Dietary knowledge
  • Fitness session with the program Director
  • Analyzing your complete blood profile
  • Daily activity for e.g. Beach power walk, biking, sprinting, swimming, cross fit, and kick-boxing.
  • Multi- vitamin, and DNA repaired supplement will be provided
  • Fat loss/ muscle gain.
  • Regeneration and re-activation of dormant muscle cell.
  • Education on the latest health breakthrough.
  • Tracking your daily blood pressure, insulin level, body temperature & urine routine.
  • Anti-ageing, Body reshaping, Body refinement, DRAMATIC fat loss.
  • Health and lifestyle integration
  • 3 months training manual with food menu
Resident Program is priced upon on individual's needs, time and location. Courses are run throughout the year anywhere in India and abroad. Please contact us for dates.

Prices Includes (for only residential clients):
  • Accommodation in a 5 star resort. (Bay view/ Garden view)
  • Individual health and wellness/ medical analysis.
  • Nutritional analysis.
  • Especially design spa cuisine/ sports nutrition meals keeping in mind all the micronutrients & Macronutrients.
  • Signature spa treatments
  • International brand supplementation to repaired your DNA from cellular level
  • Unlimited use of water therapy (steam/ Jacuzzi)
  • Daily fitness and leisure activities
  • Complimentary use of internet service
  • Airport pick-up and drop
  • Discount on laundry services

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